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"Are you looking for qualified bookkeeper that offer quality care deliverance?"

We are based locally in Mascot and providing services to Mascot, Alexandria, Botany, Kingsford, Maroubra, City and surrounding areas at your convenience. We are passionate to grow your future success, working with you to build your business. By having an excellent bookkeeping records will not only save you time and money but also will provide you the best value that you can gain.

Bookkeeping is simply means the systematic method of recording and maintaining financial transactions of your business. It is a legal requirement to have a good business records. It will provide business owners clear picture of the current financial position of their businesses.​

By maintaining a good bookkeeping record, you will generate a better cash flow in managing your tax return when it falls due.

Cash flow from operating activities may include the receipt from customers, payments to suppliers, payments to employees, borrowing cost paid, grants received, warranty payments and income tax paid.

Cash flow use in investing activities such as cash flow from the interest received, dividend received, proceeds from sale of plant and payment for plant.

Cash flows from financing activities may include cash flows from proceeds of share issue and dividend paid.

The information needs of having a good bookkeeping records fall outside the scope of  business owner itself but not limited to other external parties such as banks, other business lenders, potential investors, employees, suppliers, customers and government agencies such as ATO.

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